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Relaxopod now equipped with underwater bone conduction audio

Benefits of Underwater Bone Conduction Audio

The integration of tactile transducers in the Relaxopod has revolutionized the underwater sound experience, taking it to new heights. By utilizing these transducers, users can not only hear the sounds but also feel them physically through vibrations, enhancing the overall sensory immersion. This innovation has brought a new dimension to underwater relaxation, allowing individuals to truly connect with the audio environment in a way that was previously unattainable.The incorporation of tactile transducers in the Relaxopod has elevated the aquatic sound experience to a level that engages both the auditory and tactile senses, providing a unique and unforgettable journey for users

AOP disinfection technology

Relaxopod introduces AOP technology for float pods and rooms

The photo-catalytic oxidation reaction has two effects. Primarily it will oxidise and destroy any contaminate or pollutant present where the reaction occurs. In the case of the Titanium AOP this is the entire surface area of the reactor that is contact with the water. The second reaction oxidises water to generate a proliferation of Hydroxyl Radicals that in turn will also oxidise any contaminate or pollutant present.

RelaxoPod-India's first sensory deprivation pod


India’s first sensory deprivation pod Relaxopod Systems India Redefines the Art of Relaxation with the Unveiling of India’s First Sensory Deprivation Pod for Float Therapy Prepare to embark on a journey of unparalleled tranquility as Relaxopod Systems India, the eminent purveyor of luxurious health and wellness solutions, proudly introduces India’s first-ever sensory deprivation pod for …


What is float therapy


What is floatation therapy? Floatation, simply put is floating in salt water in a specially designed Float Tank. Floatation is a luxurious process of enabling our body to relax. By soothing and healing it free from stress and give it the treatment it truly deserves.