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After succeeding his father Mr.T.V.Paul at the helm of affairs at BINNY BROTHERS,it took considerable efforts to take the company from a single product company manufacturing PVC Gas chorinators from 1980 to a multi-product company providing a whole gamut of water treatment solutions and products. Over the years Binny Brothers has built a large client base across various sections of the society /businesses. All these years company touched hundreds of lives by providing pure water with a variety of water treatment solutions backed by prompt after sales service.
He was serious about spirituality and meditation and was seeking alternate methods of relaxation techniques.The idea of manufacturing a float pod took shape and the name RelaxoPod  was coined and registered in 2013 while the product was being developed.Now all the resources and efforts were dedicated to design and develop a very unique design in the shape of an oyster.Thus the seed of India’s first float pod was sown .It was posed with a unique set of challenges in every stage of design and development be it selection of materials or of engineering components.
Nevertheless after undergoing rigorous test schedules the first full size patterns were ready from which the mouldings were cast.The first prototype was completed early 2014 with a unique design.
RelaxoPod’s strength lies in its indigenous design with most of the components sourced locally.The rich and varied experience of more than a decade and half along with qualification of Certified Water specialist(CWS-1) from WQA,USA helped in designing the IRDMS state of the art filteration system for RelaxoPod. RelaxoPod Systems India is the first Indian manufacturer of floatation pods and aspires to make floating accessible to everyone in India which otherwise was not possible and people who travelled abroad could only do it.
Shalom Float and Mind Spa is the franchise model for RelaxoPod floatation pods for those who want set up exclusive float centres across India and want to be a part of this success story.

IN HOUSE DESIGN TEAM:  We have a very capable in-house design team who work on continuous improvement strategies and are always on the look out for innovations.
MARKETING TEAM:  They have taken the responsibility of taking RelaxoPod to every corner of the country.
PRODUCTION TEAM :  They are given the responsibility of manufacturing/ assembling and testing of pods.With a shop floor area of 5000 sq.ft and all relevant tools and equipments.
ENGINEERING TEAM :  They are tasked with successful installation and after sales service of the highest order.The preinstallation readiness of pod room,lighting ventilation as well as sound proofing with relevant quality checks.
SUPPORT STAFF :  A dedicated team of executives comprising of Admin, Accounts,HR,Social Media and helpers