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Even though floating sessions are all about relaxing, a sizable section of the general public is too anxious to enter a normal floatation tank. Also know as claustrophobia for those fearful of enclosed spaces.
By fully rebuilding the float environment, we were able to overcome this issue. Our flotation chambers are comfortingly tall, and a standard-style door leads into them.
Our float rooms enable flotation facilities to reach a wider audience while improving the user experience by providing a setting that enables the deepest relaxation, rejuvenation experience on earth. The area where one can recline and look up at the stars or into the soft darkness while giving way to the sensation. Any flotation spa or wellness centre would be a great fit for our float room.They come with a star lit sky option for a near outer space experience.

RelaxOroom -Commercial float room

Because of media attention, athletes, and celebrities that use flotation treatment for a variety of benefits—including natural relaxation, pain reduction, stress relief, and more—floatation therapy is swiftly gaining popularity across the world. There is no end to the restorative benefits of floating in a RelaxOroom.Be the first to provide floating in your community. Be the first to start a float centre in your city and be the  industry pioneer.

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RelaxOroom for spa /wellness centre
RelaxOroom for world class float experience
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RelaxOroom -Best open float tank for true sensory deprivation float experience

Spas, salons, sports clubs, gyms, rehabilitation centres, physiotherapy clinics, and hospitals are excellent places to use float rooms. With complete customization, individuals can create a stunning and lovely floating atmosphere by perfectly matching the interior decor of their surroundings.
Float Rooms bring a significant new cash stream to your company while using very little room and employee time. Including floats in a package with your other offerings is simple. Profit right away from the locals who enjoy floating, attract new customers, and take advantage of a quick word-of-mouth “buzz” that will offer you an advantage over your rivals.
Installation: All aspects of the colour, shape, and design can be modified to meet your requirements. requires no plumbing and only 2.5 x 1.5 metres of floor space.
Typical installations lasts for 2-3 days and life of at least ten years.
Profitability: Strong recurring business and word-of-mouth come from customers who see results right away. Can charge the same for a float as for a massage session without the staff expenses. Very low operating costs of a few rupees per day. Quick return on investment and prolonged, lucrative use.
Efficiency: Staff do not need any specialised training or credentials. An automated high-tech filtration system operates in between the floats. minimal staff requirements, automatable, and controlled from reception. Few ‘down times’ between clients results in more sessions per day.