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Relaxopod-Personal Float Pod now in India

Float therapy is the game changer for the 21st century  world.

On the growing ‘attention crisis’ ,our digital media-driven inability to hold our focus: There is strong scientific evidence that stress and exhaustion ruin your attention.Today,about 35% of workers feel they can never switch off their phones because their boss might email them at any time of the day or night.Many reviews from floating customers highlight that float tank is the one place in the world they feel they can give themselves permission to turn off their phone and be totally unavailable for a couple of hours.Relaxopod and Relaxoroom provide that space ,but its also sad that this is the one place that people give them selves permission to go offline.

Floating is the antidote which helps in repair and build our dopamine production by relaxing the nucleus accumbens,the reward-seeking part of our brain that social media algorithms deliberately hijack to keep us addicted to their content.

In so many ways floating therapy in a sensory deprivation tank was built perfectly built for these times.  


RelaxoPod- Home Float pod. Is floating at home possible?

Absolutely! The good news is that it is less expensive and more readily available than ever. Home float tanks are dominating the market and have replaced professional float centres as the go-to option for many floaters worldwide. Who wouldn’t want to experience sensory deprivation without having to look for a float centre, reserve a session in advance, and travel great distances to get there?
Not to mention that a home flotation tank would be extremely cost-effective for someone who practises floating often. In India, Relaxopod was also a pioneer in floatation tank design and production.

Floating now possible at your home
Relaxopod for home use
Relaxopod -Your personal mind machine

RelaxoPod-Best personal float tank

With the affordable Relaxopod personal float tank, you may enjoy all the advantages of floating therapy in the comfort of your own home.
This float tank is strong and long-lasting because it was made at our manufacturing site in Pune, India. It employs a multiple disinfection techniques, including ozone purification, UV radiation, and a metered hydrogen peroxide dosing system. Simple to maintain, it almost looks after itself. With a seamless fibreglass construction, leaks won’t be an issue. Your electric bill will be minimally affected by an energy-efficient pump.

Why will Relaxopod be a great option?

Natural air circulation, efficient filtration system, low noise, simple to clean made from materials with little maintenance and energy efficiency.