Relaxo ice bath in a sleek and futuristic design
Relaxo ice bath

Relaxo Cold plunge -the first and the best cold plunge in India

Any successful ice bath or icy plunge pool must have cold water, namely water that is between 3 to 9 degrees centigrade.

To get the desired effect, it’s crucial to maintain the water’s icy temperature. Your body reacts to immersion by sealing your pores and accelerating blood flow throughout your body. The cold water also numbs the nerves that surround your muscles and joints, which causes hormones and endorphins to be released, which helps to reduce any tension or physical discomfort your body may be experiencing. For those who play sports or engage in vigorous physical activity, cold plunge pools are a useful tool.

How can ice bath change your life for the better?

When it comes to taking the (cold) plunge, moderation and patience are essential; approach it as a marathon, not a race. If you’re just getting started, we advise taking some precautions to get your body ready for the experience of utilising a cold plunge pool or taking an ice bath; start by taking some cold showers or baths, especially if you’ve never done this before.You should start off short (between two and three minutes) and work your way up to lengthier sessions when you’re ready to dive in. Never stay in the ice bath for longer than 10 minutes; when you start to shiver, it’s time to get out. While it’s crucial to benefit from a chilly plunge both mentally and physically, you should never ignore your body when it’s trying to tell you anything. Remember that before starting any routine, you should always get medical advice.



Relaxo ice cold bath plunge
Relaxo cold plunge ice bath benefits for the body

The Relaxo cold plunge uses ground-breaking technology, superior to an ice bath or chest freezer because it uses strong cooling, filtration, and sanitation to deliver cold, clean water whenever you need it. Both indoor and outdoor use of the Plunge is safe, and we’ve made installation genuinely plug-and-plunge. Prepare to have your life changed by filling up your Plunge with a hose, turning it on, setting the temperature (down to 3 deg C)



Leukocytes, the white blood cells that aid in disease resistance, are stimulated when submerged in cold water. The lymphatic system also constricts as a result, driving fluid through the lymph nodes. This procedure helps to improve your immune system and purify your body. To significantly reduce upper respiratory tract infections, according to a research.


It has been demonstrated that regular ice baths can increase norepinephrine by up to 5 times. This neurotransmitter significantly lessens inflammation and aids in the treatment of chronic pain.


By lowering the stress hormone cortisol, cold water therapy has been found to be an effective adjunct therapy for stress alleviation. According to a study, participants’ anxiety levels decreased and their moods were lifted when they regularly took ice baths and cold showers.


Your body’s autonomic nerve system is triggered as you dip into the Plunge. This system, which consists of a network of capillaries and nerves divided into two sections, regulates how you react to stress. You’ll probably discover that you start to regulate your relaxation and sleep when you start to control how you react to stress.