About Us

RelaxoPod Systems India, is a Floatation Tank company that designs, develops, manufactures and installs floatation tanks or isolation tanks. They manufacture float pods and float rooms and are your one-stop solution for experiencing the extraordinary experience of sensory deprivation in India. RelaxoPod Systems India provides Float Tanks for commercial or residential applications. We are the market leader in float centers in India. An engineer and floating enthusiast, Binny Paul invented RelaxoPod. He saw that float tanks had seen virtually little advancement over the years and realized that this concept was not available in India and the only option was to import these float pods from abroad at exorbitant prices. Hence, as a result, a tank was designed and developed keeping the conditions in India and overall Asia in mind to suit the needs of the population in this part of the world. So in 2015, he founded RelaxoPod to provide a cutting-edge alternative to Floatation Tanks, with innovations in technology, filtration, and client experience.

Designing the Float Tank

Before beginning any Floatation Tank design work, the RelaxoPod team conducted extensive market research by floating at various float centers. They researched flotation tank makers from a variety of manufacturers. Speaking with float center operators and floating clients, it became evident that there was a need for a more dependable and modern float tank that used contemporary technologies and was suitable for Indian conditions and mindset.

As a response, a full overview of the features, materials, and design that would go into creating the RelaxoPod with its unique float system was created. RelaxoPod floating tanks are now made in India. Float tanks are available for purchase, installation, or self-installation globally, intending to make float maintenance easier for owners and give users the best float experience possible.


Our goal is to raise awareness about the benefits of Floatation Therapy as a non-pharmaceutical treatment alternative for anxiety, stress, and chronic pain. A regular floating habit can help you disengage from the stresses of everyday life by lowering cortisol levels (a stress response hormone). Floating’s stress-relieving properties make it an excellent meditation tool and can dramatically enhance sleep quality.

1. Enhanced Energy Levels
You may effortlessly and comfortably relax your body, alleviate your mind of a myriad of stress drivers, enhance your skin health, and raise your overall energy level, health, and well-being with the luxury of flotation treatment. Several scientific studies on the advantages of float treatment were conducted by some of the most prestigious colleges in the United States. It was revealed that flotation is not only beneficial for your body but also excellent for your mind.
2. Boosts Creativity
When you float, you disengage and center yourself for a few minutes in silent isolation, which significantly influences your mental state. Floating eliminates distractions, including gravity, which helps you rewire your mind and express your creative energy in the proper areas rather than merely where the world takes it.
3. Enhances Focus
The difficulty of focusing is a widespread issue affecting many people. Although float treatment is commonly advertised for its relaxing advantages, it can also aid in mental clarity and better imagery. Continue reading to discover more about concentration issues and comprehensive improvements you can make to help you maintain your attention.
4. Enhances Overall Well-being
Floating has the potential to draw someone within. Because there is no sight, sound, proprioception, balance, or gravity, it is a great meditation accelerator. If the temperature is correct, there is a mixing of where you sense yourself to end and the rest of the world to begin, which improves the person's general well-being.

Features & Benefits

The Relaxopod is a tank filled with Epsom salt and water heated to the temperature of the outer skin. The tank’s high salt content allows you to float on your back with the top of your head slightly underwater. Tanks are often large enough that you can stretch out completely without touching the ceiling, floor, or walls. In addition, the float tank is soundproof and gloomy. This provides a sensory deprivation experience that encourages you to enter a peaceful, contemplative state while floating. The solution’s salts will also assist you in relieving tension and dulling your pains and aches. Some of the benefits include

Sensory Deprivation Tank: Manufacturing

Throughout the development process, our design team collaborated with engineers, swimming pool designers, and health department professionals. Our major objective was to build our float tanks to meet the highest sanitary standards while still being stylish and ergonomic. We spent years researching the finest water treatment technologies and materials for the use of extremely high concentration salty water. Because salty water is not the same as regular swimming pool water, we had to devise other methods. In 2015, we released our first Float Spa Premium Floating Tank System – THE RELAXOPOD! We install products all around the country, either directly or through our local distributors. Where we have a distributor partner, the distributor provides installation service and warranty to the country’s clients. Where we do not have a local distributor, we sell these through our organisation and our own staff. We have the provision to access our pods remotely through the internet and do software analysis and upgrades online. We are prepared to come to the place for servicing purposes if necessary, but due to the well-tested, high-quality, and dependable parts, there are quite unusual remote software updates. We can help you transport minor components, pipelines, and fittings. RelaxoPod embodies both flair and innovation. Our innovative design significantly enhances the filtration process and solves a variety of issues that other typical spa filtration systems do not solve. For instance, an antiquated form of “spa filtration” makes it exceedingly difficult to remove surface debris like hair and earplugs from the water’s surface without the additional step of manually skimming. Because time is money, we chose to think beyond the box, or rather, within the float tank, to create quick and easy cleaning maintenance solutions for the same.  

Why Choose Us?

Stress Relief is Our Primary Goal

It stands to reason that lowering stress in your daily life will make you happier and healthier. 74% of individuals have been overwhelmed or unable to cope with stress in the last year. In the previous year, 30% of older persons reported never feeling overwhelmed or unable to manage, compared to 7% of young adults. Stress, in addition to its physical consequences, can lead to a variety of mental and emotional illnesses, such as anxiety, phobias, and panic attacks. This emotional tension might make it difficult to concentrate, make judgments, consider things, or recall information. Stress may also lead to irritation, making you easily upset and impatient with others, and it can even contribute to depression, rage, feelings of insecurity, and relationship problems.

Float Your Stress Away

Preliminary study suggests that floating may reduce tension, anxiety, and possibly depression by lowering the amount of sensory input received by the brain and neurological system. The spinal cord and back are free of gravity’s pull. When stress is released, the neurological and muscular-skeletal systems can reset. Floating triggers our parasympathetic nervous system (our rest and digest mode) while putting our sympathetic nervous system (our ‘fight or flight’ reaction) on hold, letting our body and mind recuperate from the stressors of contemporary life.


Introduction to India’s Premier Float Tank Experience

RelaxoPods are one-of-a-kind products that are meant to thoroughly calm the human body and provide a respite from the stimulation of regular life. The person in the RelaxoPod rests on their back in the float tank, their body gliding on the surface of the water, half in and half out. This buoyancy has a very rejuvenating effect on the human body when used in conjunction with the Sensory Deprivation Technique. The tank used is soundproof and pitch-black, allowing our bodies to be free of gravity and all outside stimuli. Float therapy is administered in a sensory deprivation tank, sometimes known as a REST tank (Restricted environment Stimulation therapy). In a sensory-deprived state with no external stimulations, your nervous system’s burden is reduced by up to 90%, resulting in a decline in stress hormones, adrenaline levels, blood pressure, and heart rate, eventually relaxing you. It is a technique for achieving a high level of relaxation by reducing sensory inputs (sound, light, scent, etc.).

Samadhi Tank: A Brief History

Professor Dr John C. Lilly (1915 – 2001), a well-known neurophysiologist, devised the flotation cabin in the mid-1950s while working for the National Institute of Mental Health. During this hour, two contradictory discoveries regarding how the human brain responds to sensory deprivation were made. On the one hand, many thought that removing all external stimulation would cause the brain to reduce its activity to the point where brain cells would die. Lilly, on the other hand, was sure that the contrary was true and established the first flotation tank in 1954 to show his point. In a series of subsequent tests, he demonstrated that when the senses are depleted, certain activities in the brain are activated. During those lonely and extended hours in the tank, a person will likely experience numerous moments of inspiration and creativity. Dr. Lilly founded and established Samadhi Tank Co., Inc. in 1972. Glenn Perry designed the initial tanks with Dr. Lilly’s guidance. Lilly meticulously investigated the effects of the tank on his workers and himself for decades but eventually drifted away from his job. He made the entire world aware of the tank and its therapeutic benefits, and he continued his research and studies at an institute he established for this reason. Lilly died in 2001 after spending the rest of his life in Maui, Hawaii, researching dolphins.

Leadership at RelaxoPod

Drawing on Binny Brothers’, our parent company’s, four decades of experience in delivering water treatment solutions, RelaxoPods are the result of years spent in research, development, and experimenting to reach designs that adapt to any area or function. This can be for domestic personal home use and commercial (Health & Wellness Centres, Gyms, Hotels, Spas, etc.). RelaxoPod Systems India is the first firm in India and Asia to design, develop, and produce high-quality float pods and rooms.

Mr Paul leads the strategic direction and business operations of RelaxoPod Systems India, drawing on his extensive, progressive, and successful expertise at Binny Brothers in offering tailored water-treatment systems and solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Mr Paul, a WQA (USA) Certified Water Specialist, focuses on a clear direction and the ability to articulate that vision in a way that optimizes people’s potential and results in sustainable, profitable growth for his firm.

Mr Paul is an avid floater and facilitator who is always ardently engaged in improving the applied technology and design of his Floats Pods and rooms with a strong emphasis on continuous improvement and new product development in the health and wellness space.