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RelaxOroom-Owning your own float tank

The advantages of having your own private float tank are numerous. After a long day at work, floating’s zero-gravity feature is a terrific method to rest your muscles, and the sensory deprivation gives you a secure environment in which to unwind.
Many floaters adore floating, but finishing the session and making the drive home is  I think it slightly ruins the vibe. With a personal float tank at home, you can unwind for however long (or brief) you choose. Not having to constantly wonder if you need to refill the parking metre is definitely a positive in my book.

For the performers out there, it’s a wonderful chance to unite friends and family for a special occasion.

Purchasing a personal tank is unquestionably a wise investment if you frequently float. Instead of paying for sessions at a nearby centre, investing in your own float tank at home will pay for itself in less than a year.



RelaxOroom -Are personal float tanks costly to maintain?

People find it hard to believe that how little upkeep of  float  tanks at home require. Refilling the salt, chemical, and water levels are the three key issues that need to be addressed. For typical tank use, these maintenance expenses range between a few thousand rupees a   month, which is significantly less than anyone can anticipate.

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RelaxOroom -Best sensory deprivation tank for home use

Our float tanks are built with cutting-edge, industry-leading features to deliver an unforgettable float experience. Over the course of the initial two years of research and development, each component was carefully selected.