Float therapy as immunity booster

Our immune system is the frontline defence mechanism of our bodies against any attack of infection or illness. But this mechanism fluctuates with our dietary intake, changing seasons or situations. Our food intake to a significant extent determines the strength of our immune system. In recent years, our mental states are playing a bigger role in lowering immunity drastically. Depending upon how we feel, think, respond to daily life situations like tension, worry, stress, anxiety, pain etc. We are all trapped in vicious cycle of unhealthy junk food and unrealistic deadlines taking a toll on our health

This has increased social pressure affecting our sleep patterns. Lack of sleep prevents our natural restoration process of healing and repair aggravating stress,pain,anxiety and depression. Any or all of these can be reasons to break down one’s immune system

Zero gravity and Sensory deprivation

Floating or float therapy can have a profound relaxation and rejuvenation experience of your body, mind, and soul by relaxing your nervous system. Float therapy is coupled with what is known as sensory deprivation where all distractions from the sensory stimulations are removed as though resetting your senses in near zero gravity. This allows the brain to enter into what is known as theta brain wave state. Further triggering all the nerve pathways to restore our mind to its optimum state of health with calmness and serenity

Chemical changes in the body

This state of tranquility is achieved by triggering a series of chemical changes in the body right up to hormone level. They decrease secretion of cortisol and epinephrine to reduce stress , aid in better digestion and clarity in thought and focus all contributing to better immunity. On the other hand your serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin increase raising the feel-good factor.

Epsom salts with magnesium

Another major reason is the role of Epsom salts used in float tanks. The main constituent magnesium helps to regulate metabolism as well as flush out toxins from the body making it stronger. With 1000 pounds of Epsom salt dissolved in water. Magnesium deficient bodies get revitalised by affecting the cardio-vascular ,musculo skeletal , metabolic and neurological functions. Magnesium is anti-inflammatory boosting the immune system

Restoration of Sleep cycles

Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation are the root causes of lowering the immune system. The benefits all add up to a good nights sleep.It boosts the immunity of your body to a very large extent restoring the natural energy of the body with repair and restoration. Some of the life style diseases getting aggravated with lack of sleep are blood pressure, cardiac health , diabetes , arthritis ,muscle pain etc.It restores the quality of sleep to much better levels