What do Sensory Deprivation Tanks do?

 By removing yourself from distraction and clutter around you, you learn how to move to a calm state and clear-mindedness

Epsom salt is known for its healing capabilities. It helps with reducing inflammation, soreness ,swelling and pain

 A body which is tired, or is experiencing different levels of pain/discomfort, can significantly benefit with a float therapy session

– Being in an empty tank, alone, with nothing but your thoughts, forces you to eliminate your mind of clutter and negativity

 Sensory deprivation tanks can help revitalize your mind, reduce clutter, and eliminate fog from daily stress/routines

 Epsom Salt is frequently used by trainers, professional athletes, amateur athletes, and in physical therapy sessions

 It helps to reduce pain, swelling, irritation, redness, bruising, and other bodily discomforts