Sensory deprivation tank: Float your stress away

Sensory deprivation is shutting off your different senses by cutting off the sensory stimuli which helps people go into a state of meditation and deep relaxation

One hour in the float tank is equal to deep REM sleep of four hours in theta state relaxing and rejuvenating oneself deep to the core

Sensory deprivation is combined here with near zero gravity relieving all your muscles ,joints and back from all the stiffness melting away all the stress

Just focusing on relaxing and being alone with zero thoughts helps to calm and soothe your mind

The zero gravity experience along with sensory deprivation can help to relieve all stress and anxiety

You can feel and listen to your own heartbeat along with the sound of your breath in pitch dark pod with adjustable light and opening of pod

A sensory deprivation tank is a 21st century antidote to relieve all stress, anxiety and pain from our busy lives to reset and rejuvenate our bodies and minds in the shortest possible time