Floatation therapy in Relaxopod

banner_RelaxoPodFloating Releases Endorphins
Taking a break from gravity in floatation tanks also causes fascinating and significant changes in the brain. Endorphins are released. These are powerful natural pain relievers and mood enhancers that promote a sense of well-being while further enhancing the healing benefits of the zero gravity environment.

Meditative State of RelaxationRpod_1
A person who has a high stress level will find it virtually impossible to maintain that stress level after a float session due to endorphins being released in the brain as well as their brainwaves shifting from beta to alpha and even theta. Theta is a rare brain state that is normally reserved for people trained in meditation. An important contrast to meditation is the fact that a person can achieve a theta brain state in their very first float session, making it a quick and easy shortcut to deep relaxation.

The benefits achieved in a one hour session are significant on their own, but when compared to other therapies, floatation tanks are in a category all their own.

Shalom Float and Mind spa is the first floatation centre opened in Pune,India uses a Relaxopod

Book an appointment at www.shalomfloatspa.com or call 69409032 / 33

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  1. Thanks to my dear friend Jose who introduced me to this therapy. I had the opportunity to float in Shalom’s relaxopod while I was in Pune this summer. It sure is “Nirvana”. If you meditate and practice yoga this will give you the added edge that you need to relax your body, free your mind, and get rid of those unwanted ailments troubling you for ages. I had a complete sore body, a troubled and confused mind before I entered the relaxopod, but I came out as a pearl, rejuvenated with a bright golden aura.

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