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"Using the floatation tank is probably the most relaxing and nurturing experience I have ever had. My stress and pain completely disappears and I am left feeling at peace with a deep knowing that I can handle it all...this is now my most effective & favourite therapy."
"My float experience was extremely beneficial. I meditate a couple of times a week and found the float session heightened the success of subsequent sessions. I felt centered for the whole next day which I don't achieve with meditation alone."
Mrs Shobha .Kulkarni
"Thank you for the opportunity to use your Floatation Tank experience. I found it restful. Time flew - my mind did not try to manage time. Created a calmness of body and brain. Experienced less pain both physically and mentally. I am finding an ongoing difference in my health and wellbeing and have only tried it once, so far. Thank you once again."
James Hope
"I have tried this flotation tank and it's AMAZING you guys have to try it, it's great it's been nearly 2 days and i'm still relaxed, it's fantastic."
Mary Turner
"I found the floatation therapy very relaxing once I settled into it. My nerves quickly went away once I was in the float tank. I felt relaxed and my back pain seemed to settle after my session. My skin felt smooth and I felt calmer than I have for months. I will definitely float again to see what other benefits happen."
Kay Boxtel
"First time in a floatation tank - nice and dark, no noise. Perfect feeling - relaxed and calm. My main reason for using the floatation tank was for my lower back soreness. Floatation Therapy is helping with my back pain - both during and after the sessions."
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