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RelaxoPod: Be the Pearl that You Are
1)Aesthetically designed and handcrafted in oyster shape
2)Two year R& D including rigorous commercial testing
3)Double skinned GRP construction for complete pod
4)High gloss surface gel coats with gloss finish
5)IR SENSOR Touchless switches for light on/off
6)IR sensor touchless switches for call attendant
7)Temperature sensor / probe for continuous temperature monitoring
8)12 v dc LED coloured lamp for pod internal lighting and serene ambience
9)Gas springs for supporting /opening and closing
10)Filtered water inlet : SS 316L threaded inlet embedded into skin of tank
11)Main drain for circulation : SS 316L threaded main drain system embedded into skin of tank
12)Under water speaker system, Made in USA:
We design our own amplifiers to drive the "speakers" which includes digital faders so the sound can be smoothly controlled. The fade is set from remote and can be changed per session if required. We also offer digital sound built into the remote control as an MP3 player
13)Aesthetically designed and handcrafted in oyster shape
1)Micron filter with filter housing –fine filteration to remove all debris,lint etc
2)Heavy duty HP seal free magnetic pump -to avoid clogging and crystal formation
3)2 kw titanium heaters –long lasting heating element
4)Flow switch to avoid inadvertent operation
5) High power UV system with power supply :
We have designed our own UV filtration system which is suited to the flow rate in our pump system. These fit within the technical space of each product. Changing the UV tube is easy and the recommended rate is every two years. UV is not enough by itself, we recommend timed dosing of H2O2 with UV.
6) Disinfectant dosing system
7)SS 316L isolation valves for inlet outlet
8)Manual control panel
9)Touch screen HMI display for centralised control and indication(optional)
10)Ethernet connectivity for remote operation and monitoring (Optional)
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